C++ Computational Libraries for Bioinformatics

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The BioC++ project provides an accessible and comprehensive framework of C/C++ tools and libraries for computational biology.  Our goal is to create object libraries for a wide range of biological information and to create a simplified framework for the incorporation of those objects into bioinformatics projects.

BioC++ is a new bioinformatics library that de-emphasizes obscure parsers and instead focuses on internal data structures and analysis, communicating directly with biological analysis programs and limiting persistence to robust data file formats including SQL, XML, FASTA, and PDB.

BioC++ is available under the BSD license.  We utilize several libraries whose licenses are either consistent with or have been granted permission to use with BioC++.

Please note, we are in the process of developing and documenting this project.  At the moment our codebase is extremely limited.  If you are interested in developing for the BioC++ project, please email us!
06.2006:  Inclusion of xml parser for insd xml i/o.
06.2006:  Inclusion of boost graph library for xna traversal.
06.2006:  OTL is updated to 4.0.136 in project.
04.2006:  Redesign of biocpp class.
10.2005:  Inclusion of OTL with our project.
05.2005:  Project initiated from BioC++.h library.

2006: BioC++