Residue Class Reference

#include <PRO.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Residue ()
void setParm_No (char *str)
void setParm_chainName (char *str)
void setParm_seqlNo (int i)
void setParm_chainSeqlNo (int i)
void setParm_name (char *str)
void setParm_name_1 (char *str)
void setParm_name_all (char *str)
void setParm_homology (char *str)
void setParm_SS (char *str)
void setParm_phi (float f)
void setParm_psi (float f)
void setParm_hydrophobicity (bool b)
void setParm_startAtomSeqlNo (int i)
void setParm_endAtomSeqlNo (int i)
void setParm_totalAtomNo (int i)
void setParm_mapAtom (char *str, Atom *at)
void setParm_active (const bool b)
void setParm ()
bool connection (Residue &r2)
void addAtom (Atom atm)
void clear ()

Public Attributes

char name [5]
char name_1 [2]
char name_all [15]
bool hydrophobicity
char SS [2]
float phi
float psi
char homology [MAX_HOMOLOGY]
char No [6]
char chainName [2]
int seqlNo
int chainSeqlNo
vector< Atomatom
map< string, Atom * > mapAtom
int startAtomSeqlNo
int endAtomSeqlNo
int totalAtomNo
bool active


ofstream & operator<< (ofstream &ostrm, Residue residue)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Residue::Residue  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void Residue::addAtom Atom  atm  ) 

void Residue::clear  ) 

bool Residue::connection Residue r2  ) 

void Residue::setParm  ) 

void Residue::setParm_active const bool  b  )  [inline]

void Residue::setParm_chainName char *  str  )  [inline]

void Residue::setParm_chainSeqlNo int  i  )  [inline]

void Residue::setParm_endAtomSeqlNo int  i  )  [inline]

void Residue::setParm_homology char *  str  )  [inline]

void Residue::setParm_hydrophobicity bool  b  )  [inline]

void Residue::setParm_mapAtom char *  str,
Atom at

void Residue::setParm_name char *  str  )  [inline]

void Residue::setParm_name_1 char *  str  )  [inline]

void Residue::setParm_name_all char *  str  )  [inline]

void Residue::setParm_No char *  str  )  [inline]

void Residue::setParm_phi float  f  )  [inline]

void Residue::setParm_psi float  f  )  [inline]

void Residue::setParm_seqlNo int  i  )  [inline]

void Residue::setParm_SS char *  str  )  [inline]

void Residue::setParm_startAtomSeqlNo int  i  )  [inline]

void Residue::setParm_totalAtomNo int  i  )  [inline]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

ofstream& operator<< ofstream &  ostrm,
Residue  residue

Member Data Documentation

bool Residue::active

vector<Atom> Residue::atom

char Residue::chainName[2]

int Residue::chainSeqlNo

int Residue::endAtomSeqlNo

char Residue::homology[MAX_HOMOLOGY]

bool Residue::hydrophobicity

map<string, Atom *> Residue::mapAtom

char Residue::name[5]

char Residue::name_1[2]

char Residue::name_all[15]

char Residue::No[6]

float Residue::phi

float Residue::psi

int Residue::seqlNo

char Residue::SS[2]

int Residue::startAtomSeqlNo

int Residue::totalAtomNo

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